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Habalis Construction Inc. (HCI) was incorporated in the spring of 2004 and predominately serves the Old and Historic Fredericksburg District. We are a Virginia Class A contractor specializing in the care and preservation of old and historic structures. The nature of such detail-oriented work makes HCI the ideal candidate for any homeowner interested in the highest quality workmanship or unique projects which require discerning insight. Habalis also consistently employs graduates of historic preservation programs or historic preservation trade schools.

The president of HCI, Joseph M. Holloway III, has over 17 years of experience restoring antique buildings. “Jay” bought his first Craftsman Style Bungalow in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1992 and since has never looked back. He has owned and restored six old or historic buildings and has performed hundreds of projects for a variety of clients.

Jay completed his undergraduate degree in Historic Preservation at Mary Washington College (now the University of Mary Washington). As part of his coursework, he spent a month in Scotland studying European preservation techniques on buildings that predate the establishment of British Colonial America.

Jay has worked with and studied under such notable preservationists as the Rev. W. Brown Morton III, Dr. Gary Stanton, Dr. Douglas Sanford, and Dr. Carter Hudgins. Jay has performed work on many notable homesteads including several buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some examples include Seven Oaks, Chiswell, Camden, Federal Hill, the Aquia Episcopal Church and the Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church. In the past year, HCI has completed extensive work on some of Fredericksburg’s finest homes including the Doswell House, the Carmichael House and the Doggett House.

Feel free to contact us about your unique project as we would love to offer our services and assistance!