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We at Habalis Construction Inc. (HCI) feel that conservation of the natural environment is indelibly linked with preservation of the built environment. HCI takes great pride in attempting to minimize the wastefulness inherent in the construction process. Whether recycling packaging materials from new products or salvaging building materials that would otherwise end up in the dump, HCI hopes to set an example as to what being a good neighbor means in a more global context.

Going green can often result in our clients saving some “green” as well. In regards to materials or appliances that are removed during renovation projects, we recommend to all our clients that such items be donated to a local charitable organization and offer to help in facilitating this effort. We also offer deconstruction methodologies as opposed to more common demolition practices. Not only is this option much more environmentally sensitive but it also presents the opportunity for salvage value in the saved materials.

By encouraging the use of more sustainable systems such as geo-thermal heating, rainwater harvesting, or tubular daylighting devices, HCI hopes to deliver a finished product that will guarantee our client’s satisfaction in both the long term look and cost/benefit of their investment.

As environmental consciousness becomes more prevalent in today’s society it is important to remember that the greenest building is the one that is already standing. The energy embodied in the manufacturing of building materials and the construction process is often a factor that is overlooked in decision making processes of renovation and remodeling.

We are all stewards of the built environment and it is the hope at HCI that we can all embrace sustainable construction practices that prove both cost efficient and preservation minded solutions.